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    chef knives

  • Chef's knives :
    Solingen Surgical Steel

  • Forged construction

  • Made in Germany

  • Raw Material X50CRMoV15

  • Identical to leading brands from Solingen, Germany

  • Ice Tempered to enhance hardness/strength

  • All grindings done by both machine and hand

  • Steel extends full length of knife

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Quality, durable handle 

Specials on Knife Sets
  • Seven Piece Set ONLY $199
  • Two Piece Carving Set ONLY $69
  • Three Piece Set ONLY $84
  • Five Piece Set ONLY $136.50
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   SPECIAL : Purchase knives to the value of $200 or more and receive a free executive chef jacket (#CCBC) valued at nearly $40.


Paring Knife

Item#: KNPK            PARING KNIFE 3"    $19.95    


Boning Knife
Item#: KNBK          BONING KNIFE   5"   $29.95  


Item#: KNSK      SANDWICH (UTILITY) KNIFE 6"   $34.95  


Straight Fork
Item#: KNSF    STRAIGHT FORK   6"  $32.95  


Item#: KNCL    CLEAVER 6"   $39.95   


Santoku Knife
Item#: KNSA   SANTOKU KNIFE 7"  $44.95  


Chef Knife

Item#: KNOB  Chef Knife 8"     $49.95    

Carving Knife
Item#: KNCA           CARVING KNIFE  8"         $39.95   

Curved Bread Knife
Item#: KNCB           CURVED BREAD KNIFE  9"     $44.95    

Narrow Slicer Knife
Item#: KNNS         NARROW SLICER  10"   $44.95  

. Chef Knife
Item#: KN10     CHEF KNIFE 10"   $59.95    

. Slicer with Grantin
Item#: KNSL       SLICER WITH GRANTIN  10"  $54.95    

. Sharpening Steel - Knife Sharperner
Item#: KNSS      SHARPENING STEEL  10"   $19.95   


. 8 Pocket Knife Roll Bag
Item#: ROL08
. 12 Pocket Knife Roll Bag
Item#: ROL10
. 10 Pocket Knife Case
Item#: CAS10

Free Executive Chef Jacket
To order your free executive chef jacket (for orders of knives greater than $200) click here.